TB 360 is here to completely change the fitness industry. Our one of a kind full service platform is focused solely around your individual goals. Maybe you inspire to be the next top local athlete, maybe you’re just beginning your fitness lifestyle, or you finally just want to see those abs! Whatever the goal is, TB360 is going to make sure you get the results your deserve. With a perfect combination of Nutritional Experts to help assist your nutritional pathway and our Master trainers leading the workouts, there is no way you will ever fail with TB360! Our revolutionary legendary training is not only intense but guarantees the ultimate results. Want to know how?

TB 360 Personal Training:

Whether its just beginning your fitness lifestyle, over-coming plateaus, preparing for a competition, recovering from an injury or even working out around pregnancy- our programs are dynamically inclined to exceeding all of your expectations and creating new ones! Our Master Trainers have a combined knowledge of over 100 years pf proven success and secrets passed down from the legends, the greats and the experts in various fitness industries. Our training programs focus on applying all muscles in motion and using kinesiology to enhance your physique and help your reach your goals even quicker!

TB360 Training Programs (include but not limited to):

Strength, Core & Conditioning Training

Athletic Training ( Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Golfing )

Post pregnancy Recovery

Health ( heart / diabetic ) Training

Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bikini, Powerlifting

TB360 Nutrition & Supplementation

Need a little help preparing your meals ? Don’t know what the proper proportion sizes should be for you and your body? Tired of having to make your meals? Or how about stuck and tired of eating chicken & rice? Well those days are over! Our Nutrition experts have been in the health and fitness industry for 7 years, focusing around clients personal goals & health issues such as diabetes, thyroid issues. Our experts have experience with Managing Ketogenic Health Clubs as well as multi-million dollar high- performing gym facilities; both in which the primary focus for success was targeted in Nutrition. Whether your looking to shred or Bulk up, our experts will lead you in the right direction and help you reach your personal goals.

Fat Shredding

Toning & Abs


Competition Preparation

Pre/Post Pregnancy

If you’re ready to make it happen; come join the Winners Circle! We will be here waiting for you!